• ‒     Nature’s energizing
  • ‒     High in nucleoside derivatives that raise RNA/DNA synthesis, building cordyceps an operational treatment for chronic virus-related infections and cancer.
  • ‒     Maintains hormone regulation and production
  • ‒     Escalate adenosine production, improving energy uptake
  • ‒    Raises oxygen ability and energy production, improving aerobic capacity and decreasing tiredness
  • ‒    Improves athletic performance
  • ‒    Speeds illness recovery

Critical Summary

  • ‒    Main therapeutic applications: (Energy, lung function, diabetes, kidney and liver care, fertility and sexual function)


The ability to produce fruity organisms indicates that mushroom organisms are mature and potent. Mushrooms are complex and intelligent specie. It concentrates a large number of protective compounds in “mushroom.” The life cycle of Cordyceps Mushroom extract represents the mushroom life cycle and is very important to us. The enzyme temperature control technique is used to separate efficient bioactive components from mushroom cells. Advanced production methods support the recovery of the most active nutrients. Our Cordyceps mushrooms grow in an innovative way on vegan substrates to maximize the nutrient content.


The extracts is standardized, has an effective polysaccharide content of 50%, and contains a large number of triterpenes, polyphenols, and sterols. Our mushroom extracts do not contain fillers such as grains, starch and other additives. This extract is obtained from the organic cordyceps and is 100% pure extract.

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