Lion mane

Lion’s Mane

  • ‒     Nature’s mental clarity boost
  • ‒     Reduce mind exhaustion
  • ‒     High anti-oxidant compounds
  • ‒     Promotes brain health by supporting nerve development factor production
  • ‒    Increase adhesion as neuro-protectant anti-Alzheimer

Critical Summary

  • ‒    Stop nerve cell death
  • ‒    Stimulate myelination (re-growth of myelin sheath nearby nerve fiber)
  • ‒   Encourage neurite development (neurite - immature neuron in the development process)


Lion’s Mane mushroom is one of the most interesting new mushrooms. These mushrooms mimic their natural habitat on a woody substrate that has a broader range of essential bioactive nutrients than mushrooms grown on grain.

In addition to the β-glucan polysaccharides, it also contains polypeptides and trans fat that can help regulate the immune system, increase the leukocyte (white blood cells) count, and the remedial process. Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders of the peripheral nervous system. From an anti-aging perspective, the lion’s mane extract was shown to cross the blood-brain barrier due to its low molecular weight.


The mushroom biomass used to produce the erinaceous extract of MycoNutri Hericium is grown on a sterile grain-based substrate from the US FDA regulatory agency. The biomass contains mushroom mycelium and young offspring, β-glucan, other intracellular and extracellular polysaccharides, plant sterols (including ergosterol pro-vitamin D2), all active proteoglycan metabolites. , Derivatives of cyathane (especially erinacines). So, to get the full spectrum of this incredible mushroom, it was thawed on a hericinones-rich cultivated.

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