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Mushroom facts

-Documented use dating to 55 A.D. in China and 200 A.D. in Europe

-Mushrooms are like plants structurally, but behave like animals metabolically.

-Mushrooms naturally produce digestive and antioxidant enzymes.

Mushroom theory

-Fungi are high in polysaccharide content.

-Exposure to fungal pathogens during evolution produced key immune cell categories that are hardwired to respond to polysaccharides.

-Polysaccharides increase cytotoxic immune response (i.e., cell death) against fungi, other pathogens, and cancer cells.

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Mushroom of spiritual potency, immortality, longevity, and mental stabilization

Termed “spirit mushroom” due to its sedative properties

Classified as a “superior” herb

Most popular medicinal mushroom

Used t treat broad range of conditions

Over $2 billion annual sales

High in polysaccharides and triterpenoids with anti-: oxidant, inflammatory, microbial, allergy, and aging properties

Supports immunomodulation and neuroprotection

Clinical Summary

Main therapeutic applications:

Allergies, lung and liver conditions, hypertension, anxiety

Key components : polysaccharides and triterpenoids

Dose: 1-3 grams extract/day



Nature’s anxiety buster

Most popular medicinal mushroom

Calming properties from the compound triterpene

Triterpene study on mice showed…

May alleviate anxiety

Ease depression

Encourage better sleep

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Mushroom compounds

Mushroom polysaccharide (MP; β-glucans, proteoglycan)

Improves immune system response, producing anti-: viral, autoimmune, fungal, allergy, and cancer results

Has prebiotic effect, promoting digestive health

Useful for chronic conditions

F. velutipes proteins

Anti-allergic properties

Increases immune response to vaccination


Anti-: cancer, inflammatory, histamine, and viral properties

Sedative properties, lowers blood pressure


Antioxidants, via cell signaling

Sterols (ergosterol)

Anti-: angiogenic, tumor, and aging properties


Lion’s Mane

Nature’s mental clarity boost

Decrease brain fatigue/fog

High anti-oxidant content

Fosters brain health by promoting nerve growth factor production

Gain traction as neuro-protectant anti-Alzheimer

Small human study

Increased concentration

Alleviated anxiety and irritability

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Nature’s stimulant

High in nucleoside derivatives that foster RNA/DNA synthesis, making cordyceps an effective treatment for chronic viral infections and cancer

Supports hormone production and regulation

Increases adenosine production, improving energy metabolism

Raises oxygen capacity and energy output, improving aerobic capacity and reducing fatigue

Enhances athletic performance

Speeds illness recovery

Clinical Summary

Main therapeutic applications:

Energy, diabetes, lung function, kidney and liver support, fertility and sexual function

Key component: nucleoside derivatives

Dose: 2-3 grams extract/day



Nature’s stimulant

Increased energy

Heightened libido

In a recent human study

Cordyceps facilitated oxygen absorption and enhanced blood flow

Speeds recovery following physical performance

Boost athletic performance

Post-workout muscle recovery

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Lowering LDL

In a recent study on human cells and mice

Combats oxidative stress (skin aging)

Prevent or slow cancer metastasis

Lowered LDL (bad cholesterol)

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